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warAccording to TIME magazine, the terror group ISIS has released another video of how its operatives targeted and beheaded Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

This is not the first time that ISIS, a terrorist organization that is obviously of Muslim affiliation has proudly and daringly released a video of its atrocious acts against unprotected Christians.

Since the rise of ISIS in the Middle East and Boko Haram in Nigeria, Muslim terrorism against Christians has been on the rise. If they are not bombing them in churches, they are killing them in their towns. Recently we saw how Al-Shabaab, another terrorist organization of Muslim affiliation that operates in East Africa attacked a university in Kenya and singled out 147 Christians for kill while sparing their Muslim brothers. The stories are endless and are both heartbreaking and frustrating.

The stories are heartbreaking not just because these victims were singled out for their Christian faith, which they practice at no one else’s cost, but also because these are people. They are someone’s brother, someone’s sister, someone’s friend, someone’s father, someone’s mother, and someone’s child. They are the reason someone smiles everyday, they are the breadwinners to their respective families, and they are the inspiration other people look up to. And their lives just got wasted on the account of sheer madness called religion. It is indeed heartbreaking.

The stories are frustrating because world powers especially the seat of world power – the White House is doing nothing about it. Rather than call it what it obviously is, at the least (a war by Muslim terrorists against Christians), President Obama rather chooses to pick a fight with people calling it what it exactly is. What cowardice. And the terrorists listens. And the terrorists get emboldened. They are killing in the name of religion, Mr. President. They are Muslims. And they are killing Christians. And what does that add up to, Professor Obama?