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subversiveAs your President and Commander-In-Chief, my solemn duty to America and to the American people would be to protect and defend the integrity of this great nation from both external aggression and internal uprisings.

On the count of external aggression, the prescriptions of our constitution and the prescriptions of the laws of the land are there to guide me on how to war against our enemies, defeat them, and return glory and spoils of war to the land. But when the aggression is coming from within, sometimes the laws are not clear-cut on how to address threats that seek to undermine our national security.

In recent times, it has been reported widely that citizens of this great nation have traveled overseas to fight for ISIS, a terrorist organization that is at war with the United States. And some of them after fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq have returned home to this country.

When our citizens go abroad to fight for an entity that is at war with us, they are denouncing their own country and taking sides with our enemies. Ipso facto, they declare themselves enemies of this great land. Subversives. And by every parameter should be considered as such.

Of course they were already radicalized and have no more allegiance to the United States. Hence their resolve to travel abroad to fight on the side of our enemies. Of course while they were abroad fighting for the haters of civilization, they would be indoctrinated further that America is the enemy and needs to be brought to its knees. And of course their indoctrinators after indoctrinating them are somehow convinced that they have secured for their evil agenda some devout disciples in these American citizens  – who by the way have unfettered access to every nook and cranny of our country   – who would do their bidding whenever they bid them to and whatever they bid them to. Hence ISIS’s promise to us that they ‘Will Raise the Flag of Allah in the White House.’

This is not an empty threat. That is why I called it a promise even though the caption on the newspaper where I culled it from captioned it a threat.

With their pedigree and the rate at which they have grown over the years, it would be remiss on our part to ever again underestimate ISIS and their threats. Our president was wrong when he referred to them as a JV team and they have repeatedly embarrassed him for such underestimation.

Never again.

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weThe preamble to America’s constitution started with “We the People,” meaning that the republic is all about the people. Not necessarily that for every important legislation, piece of law, or ordinance that all of the people must agree on it before it takes effect. No. We the people simply means that majority of the people must agree on anything before it will apply to all of the people. It also means that government must always listen to the wishes of the people in all maters of the state.

That is why a presidential candidate must win with more than 50% of the votes cast in general election for him to have the mandate to lead the nation. And that is why elected public servants sometimes depends on polling to know where the heart of the people are on certain issues, which helps them choose what issues of the day to throw the weight of their office behind and what issues are left for the future to take care of.

We the people do not mean all of the people. When the issue of slavery came up for debate, some of the people wanted slavery to be abolished and some wanted the practice to remain legal. Majority of the people wanted it abolished and despite the minority that wanted it to remain legal, slavery was abolished. It never diminished we the people. When the issue of women’s right to vote came up for debate, some of the people were for it and some were not. Majority of the people were for it and majority carried the day. The same goes for Civil Rights Act when the rights of African Americans to vote and to participate in the political process of this great nation came up for debate. Majority carried the day. That is democracy and that is how democracy work. It is a game of numbers and the people that find themselves to be in the minority side of things does not always take kindly to losing their argument.

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