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blogFour days ago, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against a Wisconsin company that fired 7 Muslim employees for taking unscheduled time to pray. They were observing the teachings of their religion. They were practicing their faith as enshrined in the constitution of the United States. Yet they lost their job – their means of livelihood – consequently. Why?

On hearing the news, the first thought that may prop up the mind of an average Joe is that the discriminatory white employers is at it again. They hate Muslims. They are intolerant of the Muslim faith. And of course they hate those who do not look like them. So they fired them.

But are any of these probable claims factual in this context?

First, if the employers hated these Muslim employees, they wouldn’t have hired them in the first place.

But that is not the crux of the matter. The issue here is about an individual’s right to practice his or her religion as he or she deems fit at his or her place of work.

When an employer hires you, depending on your role at the organization, you can either have a one-time one-hour lunch break for every single day you walk through the front doors of the company. And the rest of your time at the company for that day will be dedicated to doing the business of your employer. Or for some who work at a high demand manufacturing environment, you can have a one-hour or 90 minutes allotted break time which can be broken down to 3 or less number of breaks (at the discretion of your supervisor) to give you time to rejuvenate yourself for optimum performance.

Now your break time, be it a one-off one hour lunch break, or a 90 minutes multiple break times, are yours to use for whatever personal use you deem fit. You can go on a date with it. You can pray to God with it. You can be on your phone for the duration of your break. Or just like me, you can go to the breakroom and seek out folks who do not work in your department and you know, network with them. You can put to any personal and private use your entitled break time for each day you go to work. It is your own. But once your break time is over, the rest of your time belongs to your employer who is actually paying you for those times. Whether your religion demands that you pray seven times a day or not.


Is GOD dead?


When I came across a Christian movie titled God’s Not Dead, gazillions of questions popped up in my head. Chief of which are:

What is the implication of this movie title, in isolation, to the Christian faith and to a world that doesn’t necessarily believe in God but a world that nevertheless hope that God is and that He is inherently good and caring as the Bible say?

Why are Christians trying to prove to the world that God is not dead? Has God become so powerless and incapable of going around the world showing Himself strong in the lives of His own, as ought to be, that Christians now have to come to His defense and explain why He is MIA?

Is God dead?

Or as many think, including many Christians who will never admit to it, is God now a tired and senile old man who has lost his grip on the affairs of mankind to a vibrant, zealous, and innovative Lucifer?

Where is God?

Endless questions. But legitimate questions nonetheless.

Now, if someone is alive and well, you do not need to make a movie, a documentary, or a TV commercial to prove his or her existence. Because the person is well and alive, he or she simply goes about his or her everyday business. And family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, admirers, and everybody that comes in contact with them on a daily basis sees them and knows that they are alive. And there will be no need for any form of advertising to prove that they are alive.

And for God who we assume to be as big as the world is big, that advert of a movie is not necessary because God, if He is who we have come to believe that He is, can advertise Himself. And whenever He wants to, He does that through miracles, through healing, through deliverance, and through signs and wonders. But most importantly, He does that through His visible angels called everyday people, in our daily human interaction, as we try to lend a hand to each other, in times of need, by our kindness, gifts, our time, and our love. Thereby manifesting Him.

If God is alive, the world will know it because He is omnipresent, because He is omnipotent, and because He owns the earth and everything that is in it. He is the superpower of all superpowers and He cannot hide Himself, even if He wants to. Just like America throws its power around because it is the superpower and because it can. Just like the peacock cannot help but always parade its beautiful colors. And just like any giant in any group cannot help but exercise leadership over the rest of the group – analogies that doesn’t necessarily measure up to God, but still analogous – God then cannot help Himself, if He is who we believe He is, than be visible to all. It is in the nature of the powerful to be seen. But that seem not to be the case with God.

So is God dead?

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weThe preamble to America’s constitution started with “We the People,” meaning that the republic is all about the people. Not necessarily that for every important legislation, piece of law, or ordinance that all of the people must agree on it before it takes effect. No. We the people simply means that majority of the people must agree on anything before it will apply to all of the people. It also means that government must always listen to the wishes of the people in all maters of the state.

That is why a presidential candidate must win with more than 50% of the votes cast in general election for him to have the mandate to lead the nation. And that is why elected public servants sometimes depends on polling to know where the heart of the people are on certain issues, which helps them choose what issues of the day to throw the weight of their office behind and what issues are left for the future to take care of.

We the people do not mean all of the people. When the issue of slavery came up for debate, some of the people wanted slavery to be abolished and some wanted the practice to remain legal. Majority of the people wanted it abolished and despite the minority that wanted it to remain legal, slavery was abolished. It never diminished we the people. When the issue of women’s right to vote came up for debate, some of the people were for it and some were not. Majority of the people were for it and majority carried the day. The same goes for Civil Rights Act when the rights of African Americans to vote and to participate in the political process of this great nation came up for debate. Majority carried the day. That is democracy and that is how democracy work. It is a game of numbers and the people that find themselves to be in the minority side of things does not always take kindly to losing their argument.

Gayness is as old as the bible. Even before the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of their gayness, their gayness got to a fever pitch high that the men of the city wanted to rape the angels who came to destroy the city for its gay practices.