Yesterday in the US Senate, the maverick that we have long missed, returned. Yesterday in the US Senate, Senator John McCain made a passionate plea to his colleagues, Republicans and Democrats, to return to the bipartisan way of doing business in the senate so that they can make real progress and avoid the constant gridlock that has characterized legislative business in Congress. Sometimes we lose our way and it will take personal pain to rediscover ourselves. So did it happen with Sen. McCain. Watch his speech on the floor of the Senate yesterday on the need for bipartisanship if you haven’t seen it yet.

For 8 years, the Republican Party campaigned on repealing Obamacare. They demonized the man behind the healthcare law. And they demonized the law itself. And you would expect them to have come up before now with alternative to the healthcare law because if you are smart to know that something is wrong with a thing, you should be smart enough to figure out the solution to the problem.

The Republican Party now controls both chambers of Congress and the White House. In both chambers, they have the majority to pass laws without needing a single vote from members of the Democratic Party. Yet, six months down the line, they haven’t come to terms among themselves on what to replace the law with. Having failed repeatedly to conceive a law they can agree on within their conference, Mitch McConnell and his horde are now set on the path of repealing Obamacare without replacing it with anything.

How can you plan to pull off a roof to a house without having a replacement in place?

That tells you that the problem is not necessarily with the generally acknowledged imperfect Obamacare. An imperfect law that can easily be fixed by bipartisan efforts. The Republican Party simply do not want a legacy for President Obama.

I am an American and I do not place any stock in petty party politics.

Obamacare is not a perfect law just like the Social Security Act and so many other federal programs that were part of the New Deal were not perfect laws. But we had statesmen who were willing to work with the government to review the laws and make them to work better for America. Statesmen who rose above party politics. If the intention of the Republican Party has been for America to have a healthcare law that is affordable and fair to everyone participating in the healthcare market – the insurance companies, the health practitioners, and the end users – they would have spent half the energy and time they spent on their futile efforts to repeal the law on working with Democrats to review the law and make it better. That is how responsible and people-oriented governance come through.



While our country is in chaos, with the Democrats grappling in the dark and Republicans clueless about governance, do we know what Russia – who successfully manipulated our political discourse into a state of paralysis – is doing in the world?

How did we get to where we are as a nation?

We are no longer the world leader that nations look up to. Somehow Vladimir Putin, a former KGB has become a role model to the GOP. Citizens go on television and say our president can act like a king if he wishes to. Nepotism has become an accepted norm in our polity. Democrats have four times in a space of 6 months failed to provide answers to a confused nation that is earnestly seeking an alternative to idiocy. Our Commander-in-Chief believes Russia over his own intelligence community, both military and civilian intelligence.

How did we get here?

Have we pondered for a minute how North Korea quickly got to a place where they now have an ICBM? Was it Russia that smuggled the technology to them under the watchful eyes of no one after they orchestrated a vacuum in global leadership? We don’t have a leader and we don’t have an answer.

How did we get here?

We have a president that traded America for loyalty to a KGB spy. We have half of the nation abandoning their sacred allegiance to America in their defense of a sinking ship. We have an attorney general that have repeatedly lied to Congress under oath. We now have a private prison industrial complex. Idiocy as opposed to intelligence, have become elevated in the nation, by the White House, and half of the nation have fallen in line. Our infrastructure is in ruins. There are not that many secure and career jobs for the middle class. The average Joe is working 3 jobs to provide the basic minimum for his family. Investment in education and R&D have been relegated to the background. The triple-D winning we were promised during the campaign was just another lie. I mean, what will happen to our country when 18 months into his administration a burner phone is discovered implicating our president in an attempted murder of a journalist?

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