Weeping for America

LGBT is not a race or a people. It is simply a human behavioral preference. Saying no to it is not discrimination. It is simply a human preference as well.

choiceOur dear leader Donald Trump is a white supremacist. He has nothing in his character that is presidential. Ted Cruz is a charlatan. Hillary Clinton is as uninspiring as she is a liar. She will deceive and manipulate in order to occupy the Oval. And Bernie Sanders; poor Bernie, a true man of the people. If Bernie gets elected, the powers that be, unfortunately, will not allow him to serve his 4 years’ term fully and carry through with his promises to the people. They will gun him down. The same way they gunned down Kennedy. That is a given.

Vice President Joe Biden, the best man for the job, chose not to step up to the plate and continue his service to his country. He said it was due to the loss of his son. Since Biden took himself out of the picture, the next best person to occupy the Oval Office in this present time with its challenges could have been Speaker Paul Ryan. He is the most rational and the most electable Republican to the office of the President and Commander-In-Chief. He is young, smart, charismatic, and a policy wonk. In a time of surging national debt and budget deficit, America needed someone in the person of Paul Ryan who is well grounded in fiscal policies to lead the country. And he could’ve easily defeated Hillary Clinton. He, also took himself out of the picture.

The good guys are being besought to take the most significant job in the world, albeit on a platter, and save their country and the world. The good guys in an unprecedented fashion are refusing the higher calling in their numbers, rather retiring themselves into inconsequential roles, while crazy people run amok, preaching hatred, divisiveness, and intolerance. Seems like whatever is bent on tearing America apart has a supernatural and vehement fierceness about it. It stymied men of reason who aspired for the office. It harasses proven men from aspiring for the job despite an easy path for them into the office. But it keeps making clear and smooth the pathway for clowns, charlatans, and liars into the office. Time will tell.

One more thing.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender – LGBT

Some people find themselves naturally born into one of these classes of sexual orientation. Some others morph into it because of past unpleasant experiences with their heterosexual partners. Whether folks in the LGBT community are born naturally into it or they morphed into it, that is their choice. They have the right to practice whatever their sexual preferences are and everyone has to respect their rights of choice as far as those rights to practice their sexual preferences does not meddle with another person’s right.

Now I have a problem with the LGBT community and their liberal enablers who want everyone to embrace and like their way of life. C’mon, you have the right to practice whatever sexual preferences that you want to practice. I, on the other hand have equal right to like or not to like it. And I do not have to like it. And that does not make me a bad person, a homophobic, or a bigot. It only makes me a rational human being with the mental capacity to choose what to like and what not to like.

Naturally, you expect every man or person of the male gender to have some liking for sports or at least take a liking for a sport. Be it basketball, football, soccer, baseball, or what have you. Just like one sport, Mister. But surprisingly, I’ve met many men who loathe sports in its entirety. Does that make them less of a man? Absolutely not. They work, they provide for their families, and they take care of their responsibilities. So in spite of their loathe for sports, as far as they do the core things that define a man, chief of which I’ve already mentioned, they are still men. They do not have to like sports. In similar fashion, a fellow human being not liking your sexual preferences, your behavioral choices, which no one is trying to deny you, but which you have this unreasonable conviction that we must all like, doesn’t make those human beings less human. It only makes you irresponsible and unreasonable. Not just you, but those that cheer you on in your delusion. We must not like LGBT practices. Of course, we will accept and respect your choices. And we do. And no one has to threaten your life or discriminate against you for your sexual preferences. But we all do not have to like and embrace it as a way of life. That is not possible.

Now I highlighted discriminate in the last paragraph because in recent times, that word have been indiscriminately used in reference to how people react to LGBT practices.

I cannot claim ideological purity or state that my position on this subject is the best and most right. But I know that I am fair and objective and in regards with the analysis of discrimination as used vis-à-vis LGBT practices, am pretty sure I will remain fair and objective.

In America, we have what we call the First Amendment, which is one of the first ten amendments, and which are generally referred to as the Bill of Rights. Now the First Amendment confers on all Americans among other rights, the right of religion – to practice or not to practice. Where one man’s right ends, that is where another man’s right begins. Where one man’s right begins, that is where another man’s right ends. There is always an interface, an intersection between our exercise of our individual rights.

Now the Supreme Court, the highest court of the land has legalized gay marriage. And there seem to be a general agreement that if a public servant who happens to work in the public sector have problems with issuing marriage certificate to gay couples or performing marriage ceremony for them, due to his or her religious beliefs, then the person should resign from that position. Because as far as he or she is in the service of the public, he or she cannot pick and choose who to serve and who not to serve. That will be tantamount to discrimination and felony. But a pastor in his church does not have that same obligation. Neither does a private citizen who happens to own a business.

Let me elaborate.

A pastor can choose to wed gay couples in his or her church or not to. And either way, he or she would not be breaking the law. By not marrying gay couples in their church, a pastor would not be preventing the couple from getting married. Thereby denying them their legal rights. He or she is rather saying, “Hey, not in my church. I accept that you have a legal right to marriage but I also have a legal right to my religious practices and preferences. And my religious beliefs prevent me from marring you. So, go somewhere else.” And that doesn’t make the pastor a bigot or homophobic.

The same law that legalizes gay marriage, that same law also protects the pastor’s right to practice his or her religion. Same law, my people. And this is what the state of North Carolina just passed into law to protect both the rights of the LGBT community and also the rights of those who do not subscribe to their practices. We cannot all join the bandwagon and be shouting hallelujah to gayism as the LGBT community and their enablers expect us all to be doing.

The same thing applies to businesses. If a gay couple should walk into a restaurant and places their order for food and the restaurant owner because of his or her religious beliefs chooses not to serve them, that would be discrimination. Because apparently the restaurant owner chooses not to serve them based on their appearance and a perception of their sexual orientation. Which is equivalent to African Americans not getting served in restaurants during the era of segregation. That is wrong. But it is a totally different story if a gay couple should invite same restaurant owner to come and cater for their wedding. The restaurant owner can in this instance rightfully say that his or religious beliefs prevents him from so doing. It is all about rights, the exercise thereof, and human preferences. Just as the LGBT preferences prescribes that they act in certain ways and have sex with specific gender. So does a religious person’s right prevent him or her from participating or endorsing certain practices. None of these individual’s right is superior to the other or should be. And no one should be shamed or call names for not joining the bandwagon.

The pastor and the restaurant owner in these instances does not have to be demonized. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel does not have to tell Chick-fil-A that they are not welcome in Chicago when their CEO said something against gayism. And Governor Cuomo of New York and his liberal cohorts does not have to ban travel of their various state officials to North Carolina.  This wave of LGBT movement and their liberal enablers that says that “You must all love and embrace and not speak against our behavioral choices or else we will punish you economically and demonize you” is getting out of hand. And Christians, people of faith, and people of reason have to rise in unison and speak against it and stand in firm against it. The era of fear against lawsuit, the era of fear against being demonized on TV, the era of fear of economic backlash, the era of loss of TV ratings, and the era of fear of online harassment for having a conviction should be over. If you have a conviction, then take a stand for your conviction despite the cost. Else your conviction is not a conviction. People of faith and people of reason should take a stand, with their money, with their influence, and with their voices!

LGBT is not a race or a people. It is simply a human behavioral preference. Saying no to it is not discrimination. It is simply a human preference as well.

And we must not like it!! Imposition of these behaviors upon us or else we will face backlash of all kinds is like the near future imposition of the mark of the beast upon the world. When that time comes, if you do not have the 666 serial number on you, you can neither buy nor sell. Regarding the latter, we may not do much about it because it is part of God’s end time program. But the former is completely man’s design and it is completely unacceptable.

Let the debate continue…

Author: Ezeocha Post

I am passionate about politics and the social challenges that faces our country. As a firm believer in the goodness of man, and at the risk of sounding naïve, I am convinced that when people of goodwill driven by gallant ideas come together to fashion out a better world, and pursue these ideas with energy and vigor, that somehow they will prevail. My blog will seek to provide a platform through which these gallant ideas can be birthed for a better and equitable world.

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