The Emasculation of the Man

Brian Banks
Brian Banks

Brian Keith Banks, an American football linebacker, was 17 years  of age when he was convicted of raping a girl and spent five years in jail and another five years  of probation for offense he did not commit. His football career was messed up and he suffered personal losses. The judicial system took the woman’s word for it. And the man’s denial of the said crime counted for nothing even though there was no evidence whatsoever of rape.

Years after this young promising man’s life was upended, the woman whose false allegation led to his misery recanted her story.

Recently, a Detroit man was ordered to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child he did not father. Even though DNA report has shown that the accused is not the father of the said child and even though the mother of the child has come forward to claim that she needed to name a father for her child and she chose to name a decent man who did not father the child, a judge still had the effrontery to order the man to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child he did not father. What a world!

In both cases, these women that messed up the career and lives of these decent men are still enjoying their freedom and paid no cost for their crime. These are just two examples of instances of collusion between the justice system and women to attack the man. In times like these, “The Emasculation of the Man” reminds us that something needs to be done to reverse this ugly trend. Have a good read.

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There used to be a time when the image of a man was the rough-shaven, macho, tough-looking, albeit, handsome guy donning his wrangler denims and cowboy boots, and carrying his ropes across his chest as he rides on his horse back. Remember the cowboy that graced the Marlboro advert on the back cover page of every mainstream magazine? The Marlboro Man.

Back in those days, when men get into a brawl, throw punches at each other, wrestle one another to the floor, and even bloody the face of one another; they make up afterwards over a bottle of beer and shake hands. There will be no police involvement. And there will not be any charges of assault. Rather a reflection of what caused the fight establishes a better understanding between them, life goes on, and friendship continues. That was the norm when men, God’s original creation, were men.

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I am passionate about politics and the social challenges that faces our country. As a firm believer in the goodness of man, and at the risk of sounding naïve, I am convinced that when people of goodwill driven by gallant ideas come together to fashion out a better world, and pursue these ideas with energy and vigor, that somehow they will prevail. My blog will seek to provide a platform through which these gallant ideas can be birthed for a better and equitable world.

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