The Emasculation of the Man



There used to be a time when the image of a man was the rough-shaven, macho, tough-looking, albeit, handsome guy donning his wrangler denims and cowboy boots, and carrying his ropes across his chest as he rides on his horse back. Remember the cowboy that graced the Marlboro advert on the back cover page of every mainstream magazine? The Marlboro Man.


Back in those days, when men get into a brawl, throw punches at each other, wrestle one another to the floor, and even bloody the face of one another; they make up afterwards over a bottle of beer and shake hands. There will be no police involvement. And there will not be any charges of assault. Rather a reflection of what caused the fight establishes a better understanding between them, life goes on, and friendship continues. That was the norm when men, God’s original creation, were men.

Man, as originally designed, evokes strength, courage, hard work, discipline, and ambition. The man was both an inventor and a restless sojourner, conquering territories. Man was conceived to lead, both in the family and the society at large, providing direction, guaranteeing general welfare, and ensuring both individual and corporate responsibility. Man was god and God is man.

Yes, back in those days when men were men, there was no ambiguity that God is a HE. There were never incidents where priests in order to be politically correct, substitutes ‘HE’ in reference to God in the Bible text for ‘it’ in order to appeal to the feminist wing of their congregation who contests God’s gender. Feminists who wants to tear down the man. Back then there was nothing like political correctness. Things were either correct or incorrect just as we had just universal human rights. Back then we were all humans and considered equal both before God and before the law. Today we have women’s right, we have gay rights (also women’s) and so many other rights, all designed to emasculate the man. There is still no man’s right.

When men were men, you can recognize a man from afar because men dressed like men and so did women. There were enormous longing by young men for bodily hair because it signifies a rite of passage into manhood while grown men strive to maintain their own because it buoys their manhood. It was unthought-of for a man to consider shaving off or permanently laser-removing hairs in any part of his body. Today the reverse is the case with males shaving off hairs on their legs, laser removing their facial hairs, and doing all but turning their genital organs into those of a female, for those of them who have not. They don’t drink beer, they do not watch any sport, they giggle like girls, they wear tight fitting pants, and they wear female perfume. What a shame. Top of the list, they are selfish because they chose to stymie the generational reproductive process that gave life to them. If their fathers have turned gay on them, would they have been brought to life? After God created man in his own image, He blessed him, and gave him the first commandment to be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it. It is both a disobedience to God’s instruction and unmanly to be gay.

Not too long ago, the man was unequivocally the “head,” president, CEO of the family and the wife was specifically created to be his helper. When men were men, no one and no law tried to make the man a mere sexual partner in the marriage whose responsibility it is to provide roof over the head of the household and to put food on the table but who cannot provide leadership or discipline in it. The family was the functional unit of the society and government worked to protect the family. Because a functioning family is the cornerstone of a functioning society. The man was the head, the woman supported him, and through his leadership and guidance, responsible children who contributes more to the society than they take from it are raised. In today’s family the man is not even allowed by law to discipline erring children.

On June 8, 2012, Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr., pastor, and the founder of the non-denominational World Changers Church International based in Georgia was arrested by police because he was trying to put a rebellious child right. And that is just a tip of the iceberg. In now society fathers cannot even enter the room of an erring child to correct him/her, talk to him/her, or reprimand him/her without the child calling the police on him. A room in his own house that he worked so hard to put in place and a child that he brought to life and through his hard work and sweat gave enlightenment! Enlightenment which is now applied negatively against the man. Creflo Dollar is an established and a self-made millionaire and an arrest record cannot do him any career damage. But how about millions of working class men who cannot afford an arrest record else they would lose their jobs and means of livelihood? At the risk of a rebellious child calling cops on him, the man will pass discipline and what happens when you spare the rod? You spoil the child and society will have to deal with losers wreaking havoc all over the land. If it is not James Holmes in the Aurora shooting, it will be Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook shooting. All these because the government and society are collaborating to emasculate the man and rid him of his God-given authority to have a disciplined home and consequently a responsible society. Certainly our chickens are coming home to roost.

When God created the woman out of the man, He had one single purpose in mind: for her to be his companion and his help. Not to engage him in leadership contest in the home. Not to nag him and get on his face every now and then and dare him to dare be a man. And obviously, not to seduce him into marriage, set him up to physically manhandle her or cheat on her through her abuse of his manliness and her scheming, so that with collaboration with government (who for no sane and understandable reasons have singled out the man for punishment through obnoxious and irresponsible family laws), she can divorce the man and walk away with all his life’s effort and leave him worthless. God sure did not have any of these in mind when he created the woman. But in today’s society, that is how things have turned out. A man cannot tame a wild woman for being wild without society blowing it out of proportion. A woman can now get into a man’s face, slap him, spit on him, and even shove him around and dare him to be a man. And he does nothing. Because he is in fear of the law which is designed to work against him. Because he is in fear of being homeless and losing all his life’s work to her. Some women even bring their lovers to the home in which they live with their ‘husbands’ and do whatever they want with their lovers in the presence of the husband without any regard for the man. Why? Because they know that the law has emasculated the man. If the man should dare be a man in any of these circumstances, the woman with her already made-up stories and dramatics will call the police on him. And since it is a woman verses a man situation, the man most of the time is automatically presumed guilty and have his restrictions read out to him. He cannot be in his own house at a certain time. He cannot be 50 meters near his house anytime the woman is inside. He cannot this and he cannot that. And that is one of the most lenient sentences. At the extreme of it, the man will lose all his life’s work to Eve. He can either commit suicide or make a new abode under the bridge. And we still wonder why our society is becoming dysfunctional every day. The family is the functional unit of the society. When you cut of the head of that unit or you try to re-arrange it from what it is, you mess everything up.

When men were men, men stood for what is right and because of their conviction, irrespective of costs, stands for that which is right. Jon Stewart, The Daily Show host once said that if you give up your values when they are being put to test, they are not your values. They are your hobby. Theodore Roosevelt, 25th Vice President and the 26th President of the United States rode to power on the money machine of the men that built America (John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan) who wanted a puppet in the White House to protect their stranglehold on the national economy. As at then, according to the History Channel documentary, The Men Who Built America, the gap between the rich and the poor was at its widest ever. Over 90% of Americans were surviving on less than $100 a month, and the average worker earned barely $1 a day, well below the poverty line. Working conditions at the factories across the nation were unbearable and in a single year, 1 out of every 11 steel worker will die on the job. Despite riding to power on the big money of industrialists, as modern day fellow Republicans do, Theodore Roosevelt filed so many antitrust suits against the monopoly of these industrialists from J.P Morgan’s Railroad Corporation through John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and won them all. Despite being a Republican, he was the man of the people and had no allegiance to big money. He fought for the proletariats. He never played politics with their welfare, and he never let the next election cycle determine his policies. He was people-oriented. A characteristic no present Republican Party politician can lay claim to, from House Speaker John Boehner.

As courageous and ambitious as Republican Theodore Roosevelt was, so courageous and ambitious were Lyndon Baines Johnson too, a southern Democrat who did not allow the prospect of not winning a second term in office preclude him from signing the Civil Rights Act into law. Men were men. And they stood for something! Fast forward into present day politics and you will cringe at how House Speaker Boehner and Senate Republican leaders are unashamedly fighting an increase in the minimum wage, just to remain in the good books of their big money donors at the expense of the common man. But most disappointingly, you will laugh at our dear President Obama who campaigned against politicians who spend time in office thinking about the next election and not worrying about the people, but who now is playing politics with the Keystone XL Pipeline. Postponing decision on it until after the midterms.

When men were men, we called a spade a spade and the world worked perfectly well. Gone are the good ole day. Now we have to be politically correct. But do we? Let the conversation begin.

Author: Ezeocha Post

I am passionate about politics and the social challenges that faces our country. As a firm believer in the goodness of man, and at the risk of sounding naïve, I am convinced that when people of goodwill driven by gallant ideas come together to fashion out a better world, and pursue these ideas with energy and vigor, that somehow they will prevail. My blog will seek to provide a platform through which these gallant ideas can be birthed for a better and equitable world.

3 thoughts on “The Emasculation of the Man”

  1. This is quite a remarkable piece. Justice in America is flawed for the minority and also for the men sometimes when the system pit the woman against the man. I am a woman and will not appreciate a man putting his hand on me. But I also have brothers, relatives, and friends who are men and would want justice to be made available to them anytime a woman accuses them of a wrongdoing or not. My father’s ex-wife got him jailed on a false allegation he didn’t do. That is my father and I suffered his absence as a teenager. So this is not a man-woman issue as some may want to see it. This is about justice because that man that is falsely accused by a woman and thrown into jail by officers of the law without the courtesy of proper investigation is a brother, a father, a friend, or a relative to another woman. Thank you for this piece. We hope the right eyes who are in the position of effecting the change you advocate through policies see this piece. Good job


  2. Reblogged this on The Ezeocha Post and commented:

    Brian Keith Banks, an American football linebacker was convicted of raping a girl and spent five years in jail for offense he did not commit. His football career was messed up and he suffered personal loss. The judicial system took the woman’s word for it. And the man’s denial of the said crime counted for nothing even though there was no evidence of rape. Whatsoever.

    Recently, a Detroit man was ordered to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child he did not father. Even though DNA report has shown that the accused is not the father of the said child and even though the mother of the child has come forward to claim that she needed to name a father for her child and she chose to name a decent man who did not father the child, a judge still had the effrontery to order the man to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child he did not father. What a world!

    In both cases, these women that messed up the career and lives of these decent men are still enjoying their freedom and paid no cost for their crime. These are just two examples of instances of collusion between the justice system and women to attack the man. In times like these, “The Emasculation of the Man” reminds us that something needs to be done to reverse this ugly trend. Have a good read.

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