When Courage Takes Flight

Cadets toss their hats in the air as the Thunderbirds fly over Falcon Stadium at the United States Air Force Academy Commencement ceremony, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. May 28, 2014.


By Chinedu Ezeocha for Ezeocha Post

Originally Published on Saturday September 20, 2014 at 00:45 AM CT

 TIMES Magazine reported two days ago  that henceforth the United States Air Force (USAF) have promulgated a new policy saying that airmen trying to join USAF will no longer be required to say “So help me God” during their oath-taking ceremony.

This was in reaction to the threat of a lawsuit last week against the USAF by an airman that was trying to re-enlist into the service but was prohibited from doing so until he uttered the phrase “So help me God” during his oath-taking ceremony. Which he chose not to do.

For analysis sake, the prospective airman has previously served in the Air Force. He was trying to re-enlist. So he know the initiation rituals and code of conduct at the USAF. I beg to assume therefore that he enjoyed his service years in the Air Force and that was why he wanted back. You never try to go back to a job you never liked or enjoyed.

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