Focus is a great movie. I had the privilege of watching the special screening last night. In it you will rediscover the Will Smith you obviously fell in love with when you watched Hitch. As a con-man he was suave and brilliant. He does his homework before he sends out his disciples into the fields. He understands the psychology of the human mind and preys on the emotions of his victims. He makes you (the observer of his manipulations) believe he is a two-bit unintelligent and prideful risk-taker until you see the emergence of his sheer brilliance as he led his over-confident victim to the kill. As an advanced contemporary con-man, he utilizes state-of-the-art technology and the best wizkid in the block to up his game.

The movie is just a classic and evokes all manner of emotion in you as you watch through it. At the end of it, you will laugh and be rest assured that you got value for your money. Focus is the movie of the now for those con artists who wanna dare and sharpen their wits. Screening of the movie at the cinemas commences tomorrow February 27th. Go get your ticket!



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