There has been fierce debate across the aisle about how to fix our deficit, about the need to grow our economy, about the need to create lucrative and rewarding jobs, and about the need to – through a host of smart economic policies and programs – replicate the Clinton-era balanced budget and economic surplus.

By the way, as a Republican, acknowledging that a democrat achieved the great fit of securing for us economic surplus, and in partnership with a Republican House Speaker, achieved a balanced budget doesn’t make my politics bad. It rather reinforces my professionalism and statesmanship. Giving credit to whom credit is due is not bad politics. And should not be viewed as so.

So how do we reduce our deficit, create jobs, and accrue excess revenue for the treasury?

First, by incentivizing our youth to go to school to acquire the skills relevant for the 21st century economy. And how do we do that? By making access to funds for education easier for them. For all American youth and be it for graduate school, college, or community college education.

There are so many jobs in the IT and health sectors that are out there waiting for folks to fill them up. But we have a dearth of professionals who have the skills for these specific jobs. The caveat however is that some of the times folks are enthusiastic for these kinds of jobs but most of the times do not seek to pursue a career in them because they presume that these kinds of jobs are not for folks that look like them. The role my administration will play in this situation will be to encourage employers, especially those in Silicon Valley, to demonstrate through their recruiting processes that these jobs are up for anyone who have the required skills and not just for certain people. I will also encourage the institutions that grant funds to acquire these skills to make their process impartial so that anyone who is desirous of further education can have easy access to funds.  When more Americans are gainfully employed, the costs on government of social welfare such as unemployment benefits and food stamps will be reduced. When folks are gainfully employed rather than depending on government for handouts, the more money government will be making through taxes that folks will be paying. And the more the people who are employed and independent of the government, the more money that can be freed from the social nest to tackle other pressing needs the country do have, such as fixing our infrastructure. And fixing our infrastructure also creates jobs. This is an all-round win for the economy.

We have deficits because our revenues are less than our expenses; hence our need to borrow money to offset our budgetary deficits. To fix our deficit – that is, to stop borrowing more money and to start repaying our debts – we have to find more ways to generate more revenues. That is it. There is no other way around that. And one of the ways to generate more revenues for the government would be to raise taxes on Americans. So read my lips. I am a Republican and I will raise taxes on the rich. The poor and the middle class are already paying their fair share. Some are paying more than 25% of their gross income on taxes. I am not seeking to punish the rich because they are rich. But I will make our tax system fair. Hence as your president, I will propose to Congress an across-the-board flat tax rate of 25% for all Americans. I will not simply propose it to Congress and abandon the fight just like most presidents do after their State of the Union address. I will work hard with men of good conscience in Congress to make it a law. That is a promise.

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My opponent, Donald Trump has always talked about making America great again. Of course America is great. A country that consumes 80% of its domestic product is great. But I have no doubt that America can be greater than it already is. I also have no doubt that the glory days of this great nation still lies ahead. Therefore I will not promise you that I will make America great when it already is. Rather I want to promise you that if I am elected your president, that I will partner with you and your elected representative in Congress to make America greater and reclaim its promise.

As your president, I will not seek to deport the 11million illegal immigrants in this country.

Let me digress a bit.

I call them illegal immigrants because they entered this country illegally, and unlike Mrs. Clinton who has no conviction but goes wherever the wind blows, I will call them what they are –  illegal immigrants.

Mrs. Clinton was at a campaign event recently and during her speech, she referred to the illegals as illegal immigrants and that did not sit well with Hispanics in the crowd. And they booed at the remark.  And she changed her position there and then and said they are no longer illegal immigrants but undocumented workers.

That is not the kind of person you want in the White House. Mrs. Clinton is a person who will say whatever you wanna hear in order to get your vote even when her original thought is right and what you wanted to hear from her is wrong. She is also a person who does not have the courage to say to a supporter ‘hey, you and I see eyeball to eyeball on most issues but on this one, I respectfully disagree with you because you are wrong.’  She is not seeking to ride to the White House on the wings of her invariable policy positions upon which voters can vote her in as their president. She has no set of convictions or concrete position on issues.  She just wants to be president as an end in itself and not as a means to an end.

I on the other hand am seeking to be your president as a means to an end. And that end is to make your life better than it already is, to invest in educating our posterity, to create an enabling environment for businesses to create rewarding  jobs, to fund research and developments, to rebuild and modernize our infrastructure, to return our economy to its prior and enviable position as the largest of all economies, to restore our military to its prideful place as the unrivaled global force for good, and to lead the coalition of progressives who are passionate about solving our most challenging problems in contemporary times. Problems such as our broken immigration system, our dysfunctional and unfair tax code, and our biased criminal justice system.

Back to the issue of illegal immigrants.

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