Love and Fidelity (Part II)

I met a lady not too long ago. A very beautiful woman. Almost perfect in her beauty. She is well educated. She works for a Fortune 500 company. And she possesses the kind of physical appeal a guy would kill for. When I set my eyes on her for the first time, my heart stopped for a bit. I told myself that lucky is the guy that calls this woman his. So, I approached her. And we started talking. Small talk, America’s tradition. In the course of our conversation, I found out she does not have a man in her life. Rather she has a dog as her companion. I wondered why such a beautiful and accomplished woman does not have a man in her life. And I asked her why. Her response at the least stupefied me.

If fidelity is such a coveted virtue, and if a guy happen to be lucky enough to score, not just a very successful woman, but a beautiful one; one that does not see herself as all these, but one that is faithful to you and sees herself as someone in your life to ‘help’ you become your best; why then would a guy not treasure and show fidelity to such a gem? Why would such a guy throw away every potential good that could have materialized from such a relationship just for the transient thrill of dipping in a different bowl of pie that may not necessarily taste better?

By the way I am not suggesting that woman that are not beautiful, attractive, or have a successful career does not deserve fidelity in their relationship.

Maja have a dog. And she has this sentimental attachment to her dog, an emotional investment that if as originally planned, have been committed to a man, and rewarded with fidelity, would produce a solid relationship. The likes of which bodes well for greater society. Just like the Obamas. And the Denzel Washingtons. And the Samuel L. Jacksons. But the men that were fortunate to cross the path of Maja have no regard for quality. And they had no regard for virtue. Consumed by their animalistic instincts for philandering, they didn’t at any time pause to appreciate the person and character of Maja, nor regard the value she was adding to their lives. They were never in pursuit of a higher life and in their ignorance corrupted and embittered one of God’s greatest gift to humanity. And because of her repeated experience with men’s disappointments, Maja have a dog. And all her love and affection are fully invested in the dog. And there is now no room in her heart to care for a man.

I tried persuading her that she can still meet a good man who will love and cherish her. but above all, who will be loyal to her. But when we parted ways, I knew no amount of persuasion could change her mind on men. Seemed to me like a closed door. Only God, the designer of the heart and mind, can influence her decision on men so she can fulfil her purpose on Earth.  Her being here is not a mistake. And the quality and the character that I saw in her are yet untapped. The world needs their manifestation. And my hope is that when the right man comes across her, there will be an epiphany in her life, the kind that Apostle Paul experienced on his way to Damascus, that will cause her to embrace her calling and fulfil destiny.

Fidelity, like a virtuous woman, who can find? For her price is far above rubies.

To be continued…….

Author: Ezeocha Post

I am passionate about politics and the social challenges that faces our country. As a firm believer in the goodness of man, and at the risk of sounding naïve, I am convinced that when people of goodwill driven by gallant ideas come together to fashion out a better world, and pursue these ideas with energy and vigor, that somehow they will prevail. My blog will seek to provide a platform through which these gallant ideas can be birthed for a better and equitable world.

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